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Oryx and Crake Recommended Drinking List

Scotch dregs

Beer – the kind you find in the back of the cupboard because someone gave it to you at a dinner party you hosted once and you always meant to bring it out the next time they came around again but you always seemed to forget and now it’s six months out of date and you’re not sure it’s supposed to be that colour but it’s imported so maybe it is meant to be like that. Whatever, it’s beer.

Spraygun Shot

500 ml vanilla or citrus vodka
spray bottle

Pour vodka into a spray bottle. Aim at mouth hole, fire at will.


SDBC #005 – Oryx and Crake, by Margaret Atwood

Sexy Drunken Book Club #005
07/06/2014, 4:45pm.

This month on the SDBC Podcast: dystopia! The book chosen was Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, a possible glimpse into Earth’s future? Listen in and find out who gave it 10/10!